Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Letters

This is my first time linking up with Michelle over at BigTime Literacy for her Sunday Letters! I don't know why I waited until now to start this link up, but this was so fun!

Dear Airborne,

You taste really disgusting, but thank you for keeping my cold somewhat manageable this week. It was a long one!

OCD hand-washer

Dear husband,

Thank you for being the most fab dance partner at the wedding last night. We really know how to cut a rug!

Your wife who loves your 80's moves

Dear Michelle,

I'm sooo happy you're back from your vacation. It was pretty lonely in our office without you, and I had no one to share my stupid stories (or my hummus) with. 

Your work bestie

Dear Willy,

You are the BEST napping buddy ever! I love how cuddly you are and the fact that you love sleeping under blankets.

Your mom :)

snuggle bug :)

Dear Amy and Bill,

You two are such amazing friends to Jim and I! We had a blast dancing the night away with you guys and can't wait until you two tie the knot next year.

us :)

Bein' all fancy at The Drake Hotel!

 Dear Squirrel,

Stop eating my pumpkin!

A really mad suburbanite

caught ya!

Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday! Mine is being spent snuggling with my pup, watching the Bears game, and heading out later to get a new pumpkin! ;)

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  1. I told hektor and my bff the squirrel and pumpkin story both thought it was pretty hilar. Glad I have a pic to share with them now! :-)


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