Monday, March 2, 2015

sol15 #2: you make my life better

It took less than 4 seconds for 5 little words to come out of my 6 year old student's mouth. These words are little by themselves, but when put together, they hold all the meaning in the world:

You make my life better.

These sweet words were said the other day by one of my first grade students. This particular student is in one of my small group interventions that I see every day. We had been working on the "magic e" rule for quite some time, and this particular day it just clicked. With every word that she spelled correctly, I would praise her. She kept getting more and more excited and after the 3rd word she wrote, she said those sweet little words. After the 4th word, she could barely contain her excitement and screamed, "you really make my life better!" 

5 little words that my 6 year-old student probably doesn't even remember saying, but will be with me for a lifetime. :)


  1. From one slicer to another I have the utmost respect for you - and must vehemently disagree with you! Your sweet little student WILL remember. Ok, she may not remember those specific 5 little words, but she WILL carry in her heart your kindness to her, your stick-to-it-ness with her, and ultimately, your love for her. That she will remember for her whole entire life! What a treasure.

  2. That was so sweet! And I absolutely agree with the other commenter - you will be one of those very special people in her life and she won't forget you. Thank you for making her life better as I'm sure you do for soooo many others. And I liked your progression of events - great little piece.

  3. So good. I love those two littles you see every day! and they totally won't forget you!

  4. Kids don't forget teachers who take the time to help and love them. She will remember

  5. Kids have no idea how much what they say means to us! You are both lucky for having the other.


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