Friday, March 2, 2018

sol18 #2: You get a compliment, and you get a compliment...

The last couple of days, a precious 3rd grader has knocked on my door, come into my office, and gave me sweet compliments in the form of poetry, song, and letters. She said she's on a mission to deliver more compliments to people everyday. Umm, yes. Let's all take note.

Yesterday, she came in and sang this awesome song,

You help us read, read, read,
You help us smile, smile, smile,
You help us laugh, laugh, laugh!

Little moments like this make my day and remind me to spread the love!


  1. This little girl has got it going on! She is sharing love in just the right way. Oh, the world needs more of her!! I loved your title, it drew me in. Thanks for sharing this slice!

  2. That is an awesome goal! Your title was perfect. I hope you get many more compliments during the week!

  3. She has been doing such a good job spreading the love in so many forms. I don't know if she realizes how amazing she is?!


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