Friday, March 13, 2015

sol 15 #13: I'd rather be at the park

My amazing colleague Leah, wrote this awesome post about PARCC vs. Park the other day and it totally came to life yesterday afternoon...

At the end of the day, a tiny 3rd grade boy comes to check out with me. We typically have a 2 minute conversation of how his day went and what he can do to improve tomorrow. Yesterday our conversation went like this:

Me: Hey bud, how was your day?

A: I shouldn't have gotten these zero's on my chart.

Me: Well, what happened that caused you to get these zeros? 

A: I didn't really like taking that PARCC test... I mean, it was easy, but I'd rather be at Proksa Park swinging on the swings.

Me: Me too kiddo, me too :)

Why in the world did they come up with this acronym?! Did they think about our children who are now associating this test with their place of play?

And to top it off, right before this conversation happened, I was working on homophones with one of my intervention groups. We were listing a bunch we already know, and one of my little one's says, "PARCC and park!" Yeah, honey, we aren't going to write that one down today ;)


  1. What a sweet boy! I hope he gets to go to his park this weekend.

  2. I'm so glad you showed PARCC who's boss! (sorry, we're not writing that one down!)

  3. Oh, this makes me sad!!! I showed the PARCC who is boss this week, too. I went to a real park almost every day! So there, PARCC. Take that.

    For some reason, I don't think it made the political stand I would have hoped, but at least it had my days end in a positive way.

    Thanks for this post!


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