Sunday, March 15, 2015

sol15 #15: let me see your sushi roll!

A few weeks ago, my friend Allison taught me how to make sushi. It was so fresh and delicious, I decided to try it on my own! I went to the store this morning to get all of my ingredients (I forgot to grab rice vinegar, but thankfully, my husband ran back out). Sushi rice is a little more complicated to cook, so I wanted to make sure to follow the recipe exactly.

I only planned on making one type of roll - my favorite, a Philly roll. It has smoked salmon, avocado, and cream cheese. From start to finish, it only took me about 1 hour to make two rolls, and they were amazing! The only thing I need to perfect is cooking the rice. I think I brought it to a boil too quickly, so it wasn't as soft as it should have been. But overall, I'm pretty proud of myself! :)

Michelle, I need your rice cooker!

smoked salmon, avocado and cream cheese cut into strips 

mash the rice into the seaweed paper

line it all up!

let me see that sushi roll!

dinner is served!


  1. Yum! Love the pictures with your words. Congrats on your first time making sushi.

  2. Oh my, that looks so delicious. I've been craving sushi for days now. You just inspired me to just make it myself.

  3. It looks professional! Nice!

  4. I am extremely impressed!!! I totally believe that making sushi rolls is much harder than it looks! Looks like you did good :-)

  5. I'm VERY impressed! Joel and I always talk about needing to learn to make spicy tuna rolls because they are our favorite. I can't even make regular rice, though, so I know this is way out of my league!


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