Tuesday, March 10, 2015

sol15 #10: who's more stressed? you or the kids?

3 a.m.... I'm wide awake. PARCC testing begins in 6 hours. All possible scenarios play out in my head. For some reason, I am completely stressed out. Even knowing that most of what I am stressed about is out of my control, I still cannot relax. I toss and turn and my husband wakes up and tries to help me relax.

He asks me about who is more stressed out? Me? Or the kids taking the test? Definitely me. Our teachers have done an amazing job of keeping our students positive and relaxed about the whole situation. While we were busy keeping others calm, no one was calming us!

Fast forward to 11 a.m.... besides a couple minor glitches, everything runs smoothly. Totally exhausted, I breathe a sigh of relief. I know others had trouble sleeping last night - so here's hoping we all sleep soundly tonight :)


  1. I was definitely more nervous than they were!

  2. We just finished part 1 of ISTEP: Applied Skills. It's so nerve-wracking! I told someone I was going to take off my glasses and walk around in blurry ignorance of how they were answering. Hope you sleep tonight. D :)

  3. Day 1 is history! Hopefully you get a good night of sleep tonight!

  4. I'm so glad things went well today! Things will continue to go well. It's time to hand it over to the kids and let them do their thing. And then, soon enough, it will be over and a distant memory. Really! It will!

  5. I'm so happy day one is over! Sleep well!

  6. Never again will we have a parcc day 1 - never, ever ever, forever, ever!
    Hope you're already sound asleep!


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