Saturday, March 28, 2015

sol15 #28: saturday night date at mariano's

Call us weird, but one of our favorite times to go to Mariano's is Friday or Saturday night. No crowds, which means, you can push a cart through the aisles without crashing into or getting dirty looks from anyone. 

Tonight, we leisurely walked through the store, grabbed the things we needed for the week, and then some (I have a weakness for the cheddar and caramel mix popcorn). I picked up sushi to eat for dinner tonight and Jim got a pulled pork sandwich. 

I love, love, love no lines, no one waiting for you to make your choice, and walking up to the deli and pulling the next number called. 

Our low-key date nights are some of my favorite :)


  1. I love any time me and my husband can get out just by ourselves, so I completely understand! Now I want sushi though. Haha! Thanks for the slice into your life!


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