Wednesday, March 4, 2015

sol15 #4: anything for the dogs!

My parents are in Florida (super jealous), so we are watching their pup for a few days. Last night, I got woken up out of a deep sleep from quiet whimpering outside my bedroom door. I look at my clock - 2 a.m. - and think to myself, "oh, she'll fall back asleep..." 

The whimpering gets louder. Not wanting to wake my husband, I get up and sit in the family room with her. She begins bouncing up and down, ready to play! I let her out in the backyard to go to the bathroom and get some energy out. She comes back in, we both get settled, and not even 5 minutes later, the whimpering starts again. 

Thinking that she just wants attention, I go and lay on the couch with her. My pup joins us and now it's one big cuddle fest. They both snuggle up against me and fall fast asleep. I'm glad they're comfortable because I sure am not! I guess this is just their way of preparing me for motherhood one day :)

Snuggled on the couch :)
This was right after I got up, but I was wedged between the two of them. 


  1. You got it! Motherhood at its finest! Cute pups by the way!

  2. Perfect prep for motherhood!

  3. I think I definitely need puppy practice before a kiddo! Hope you get some sleep tonight! :-)


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