Thursday, March 5, 2015

sol15 #5: how do you do it all?

Is the question my assistant principal asked me this morning at my final evaluation meeting. That is a tough question to answer in a short amount of time, but I do it all because of one thing: I love my job! 

Everyday I get to make children smile.
Everyday I get to read a new book.
Everyday I have a co-worker who inspires me. 
Everyday I get a hug. 
Everyday I go home exhausted because I know
I have made a difference. 


  1. Your enthusiasm fuels your dedication. Keep going and making those differences, everyday. Our profession needs folks like you.

  2. I saw cassie in the hallway this afternoon and she said, "When is Mrs. Jantz coming?" I told her you were in 2nd, so not today. Then I asked, "You miss her, huh?" She nodded and smiled. I told her I'd remember to tell you. How I love this SOL challenge!


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