Thursday, March 16, 2017

sol17 #16: a couple of wrongs, but so many rights

My husband, Jim travels to Seattle for work once a month, and this was his week to be gone. Of course this is the week I had my summative evaluation, it snows 9 inches, and my dog's been keeping me up at night with his horrible cough (he has bronchial issues - poor thing). Jim comes home tonight (yessss!) and even though this has been a rough week, I'm super grateful for these things:

-My dad and mother-in-law coming over at 6:30 am to spend the day with James (and they even emptied the dishwasher for me). I seriously have the best family!

-Leftover meals in the fridge so I don't have to cook

-A wonderfully happy baby that I get to race home to and spend my evenings with

-James recognizing and smiling to Jim on FaceTime (the cutest thing ever)

-CJ, the man that came to shovel my sidewalk and driveway

-Ben and Jerry's dairy-free ice cream (I've gone through 2 pints this week - don't judge)

-The mani/pedi appointment I have tomorrow after school. (I know it hasn't even happened yet, but I peeled off my no chip nail polish this week due to stress, and my nails need some serious help)

-A job that I love coming to (waking up was hard, but knowing I have the best students and some amazing co-workers made my days easier)

-That Jim gets to work from home when he doesn't travel (more time spent with us - win!)

A hard week, but so much to be grateful for (and lots more that isn't listed). The point is, it's sometimes easy for me to get wrapped up in everything going "wrong," and sometimes just a simple list like this can make me realize how much "right" is happening in my life. :)



  1. Making lists like this is so helpful! I call them my "Joy" lists and try to make them whenever I'm feeling down. Poor doggy!

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  3. I just read an article from Gottman that said four things to create happiness - and doing gratitude is one of them. So are hugs, so I'm sure you're scoring a bunch of those too with baby J! :-)

  4. Great post! I love that you are noticing the little things!


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