Monday, March 20, 2017

sol17 #20: (non-milk) milk shake

When I was pregnant with James, I craved sweets, specifically milk shakes. I had to practice self-control and only get them every other day, and the people at the little ice cream shop down the block were starting to give me the "she's STILL pregnant" looks each time I walked in.

Three weeks after James was born, we found out he had a milk protein allergy (funny how that worked), so I had to say sayonara to the shakes. He still hasn't outgrown the allergy, and my ice cream addiction hasn't subsided either. So, I've settled on Ben and Jerry's non-dairy, which is actually pretty tasty.

Well, last night, my husband had a genius idea and blended some non-dairy ice cream with some almond milk, and holy cow (pun?) it is delicious!

He made me one again tonight (slurping it as I type this) and I'm officially addicted to non-milk milk shakes!


  1. I agree! I love nondairy milkshakes and I was thrilled when Ben & Jerry's came out with nondairy flavors! I like them so much that I haven't done anything but eat them straight. If you ever visit Chicago, try to go to the Chicago Diner, a vegetarian restaurant that has the best nondairy shakes!

  2. I had to drink lots of chocolate milk to soothe the pregnancy heartburn. My husband does love the non dairy Ben and Jerrys! Good idea to almond shake it up! Enjoy!


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