Friday, March 17, 2017

sol17 #17: it looks like a butt!

I drew two overlapping circles on the board, all ready to discuss the similarities and differences of house cats and lions with one of my second grade groups.

"Has anyone seen a chart like this before?" I asked.

"It looks like a... like a...." she says, hesitantly giggling. "Like a butt!"

Hahahaha! I never thought about that before, but a Venn Diagram really kind of looks like a butt.

I totally appreciated the "laugh so hard 'til you cry" moment this morning!


  1. And this is why I LOVE teaching!

  2. Yes, laughing with my students is one of the best parts of my day too! Thanks for sharing. It's a true slice of life!

  3. Haha I would have cracked up laughing too! Got to love kids and there innocence and lack of a filter.

  4. I can't believe I've never had a kid point that out to me before! So true! Hahaha!


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