Saturday, March 18, 2017

sol17 #18: the dreaded black hole

As I was putting my chapstick on in my car, I hit a bump. I fumbled my chapstick, tried to catch it, but failed. In slow motion, I watched my beloved chapstick fall between my seat and the center console: the black hole of my car. UGH.

I said a few choice words under my breath because as a chapstick addict, I couldn't be without it, and we all know that when things fall between the seat and the console, they are almost always gone. Forever.

At the next stoplight, I peeked into that teeny space and could see the red cap. It was visible! Which means, I may be able to reach it. Yessss!

Not wanting to wait until I got to my destination, I smooshed my arm into the crevice, and got it. I couldn't believe I actually retrieved it! Then it got me curious as to what else was lost down there.

A pink starburst, skittles wrapper, receipt, half of a pretzel, some change, a brochure, and a cap to a baby bottle.

Does anyone else get as mad as I do when stuff falls in the dreaded black hole of your car?!


  1. Yes, sometimes I have pulled over to get out and dig for the lost object, usually a cell phone. Chapstick is a necessity for me too.

  2. Ha this was such a funny slice! I can definitely relate to both your Chapstick needs and the frustration of things falling into that dreaded space in the car. I thought it was funny all of the stuff you found when you got your arm down there!

  3. Ha! I accidentally read the word chap stick wrong mid-post. So I thought that maybe next time chop sticks could be used to retrieve the missing item. This has happened to me more times, than not. Fortunately, it often dislodges and ends up under the front seat or on the floor in the back seat area. Chop sticks.

  4. Lost my phone in that black hole this week! Took several tries and various seat adjustments, but I got it! Can't believe all that stuff was lurking in your car's black hole.

  5. So funny and true! I'm glad you were able to get it! Usually it's my phone for me.

  6. Yes! It's amazing what you find in that black hole. My daughter's boyfriend lost his phone in the black hole of my son's car, where it stayed for several days until someone thought to look there.

  7. I lose so much in that hole. As I was scrolling through a Buzz Feed article about things that I "need" to buy, I came across this product. It may help you!

    1. I saw that on Shark Tank and Jim just rolled his eyes when I said I needed it!


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