Saturday, March 25, 2017

sol17 #25: therapy

To me, one of the most relaxing things is taking my baby for a walk. There's something therapeutic about pushing the stroller, quietly talking to James, and hearing the various sounds in our neighborhood.

Last night, we took a long family walk and it was the perfect way to spend our Friday evening. It was 70 degrees, a nice breeze was blowing, and there were so many people out enjoying the weather. We strolled by the park, watched some kiddos climb trees, and pictured James playing on the swings in a few short months.

James, thank you for helping me slow down, relax, and take in my surroundings. <3


  1. such a simple activity that has so much meaning for you! I love the image you get of your son in the future climbing those trees! 70 degrees!!!! I can't wait until we get that weather here. Enjoy it!


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