Tuesday, March 21, 2017

sol17 #21: word nerd

I've always loved learning new words. I was the kid in school that looked forward to "word of the day" and whenever there was a glossary, I always read that first. Because of this, I get really excited to teach my students new words. Like, overly excited. I thoroughly enjoy taking apart words, discussing meanings of prefixes/suffixes, and determining parts of speech.

The other morning, my students and I dissected the word 'rediscovering.' We figured out the meanings of the two prefixes, base word, and talked about the suffix. As the students discussed and came up with their own definition, I heard one of them say. "This is so fun!"

After a split-second thought of, "Oh no! He's saying this sarcastically," I asked him, "Really?!" He replied, "Yes! It's so cool how if we know all the parts separately, then we can figure out the meaning of them together."

I love how our excitement for learning and teaching new things can easily rub off on our students. :)


  1. I love working with words!

  2. Yes, I am also a word nerd! Yay for words, suffixes, prefixes, and kids who get excited about them, too! Thanks for sharing this slice - my students and I are deep into working with affixes this month, so I'll share with them your student's enthusiasm!

  3. I've always been a huge lover of languages, but now as I turn towards teaching English and ESL, I'm becoming even more of an English word and grammar nerd! Love that your students are picking up on your enthusiasm too!!

  4. I love words. I teach middle school and we do five root words a week and by the end of the school year they will have learned 100. It is so much fun when we come across words with the roots and they can infer the meaning!


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