Sunday, March 19, 2017

sol17 #19: whoa, she exists!

Today, we met some friends and their kids at a nature center, and since it was a whopping 50 degrees, a lot of people were there enjoying the nice weather. After our hike, we walked inside the nature center, fed the babies, and looked at the animals. My friend's little boy was really into the turtles, so we parked ourselves by the indoor pond and talked for a bit.

As we were sitting there talking, I noticed 2 kiddos from my school come around the corner. They made eye contact with me and then quickly turned the other direction. I knew they noticed me because I was watching them as they walked away. They kept turning around to see if I was still there!

I wasn't going to let them get away without saying hi, so I followed them! I asked them if they were having a good time, they shyly replied, "yes," and I told them to enjoy the rest of their day.

Kids are so funny when they see their teachers outside of school! No kids, I don't absorb into the school walls, or camp out in my classroom at night. I like to get out and enjoy things around the neighborhood just like you do, so don't be shy! Say hi! :)


  1. Ha! Yes, they are so funny when they see us outside of school. I thought it would be different working at the high school level, but nope--they are still caught off-guard!

  2. What, you don't live at school? I often wonder if that's what my students think 🙂

  3. This made me chuckle! I wonder what they'll tell their friends:)

  4. Ha, it's like seeing a zoo animal in the wild! I totally would have followed them too!

  5. When students see their teachers in the wild, it is funny to see how they react. I always say hi. Sounds like you had a good day at the nature center too.

  6. My dad used to say that it took him until 3rd grade to work out that his teachers didn't live at the school. Even as an adult, it can be disorienting to see someone "out of place." And I know teachers who make a point of not living in the same area they teach because they are afraid of running into students!

  7. I'm a teacher, so my kid knows teachers have real lives - but he still was a little freaked out when we saw one of his teachers out at a restaurant.
    Sounds like you had a great day!


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