Monday, March 27, 2017

sol17 #27: chapstick addict backfire

In my typical Monday morning rush to get ready, I sprayed some fabric freshener on my spring coat and threw it into the dryer to freshen it up (#toobusydoingeveryoneelse'slaundrybutmyown). After a few minutes on the med/high heat setting, I opened the dryer door and saw my pomegranate chapstick rolling around with my coat.

I held my coat up, and after a quick inspection, noticed a few splotches of melted chapstick on it. Ugh... Into the washing machine it went.

Note to self: start checking pockets.


  1. I often have dog treats in my pocket.....

  2. Hopefully it doesn't leave any greasy stains! Pen is worse, at least it wasn't pen!

  3. this is my husband fully!! i always find them in the washing machine!

  4. I've washed a lot of things, but never Chapstick. Yikes!

  5. Oh my gosh! My boyfriend constantly blows his nose with paper towels (I can't convince him to use tissues no matter how hard I try) and I constantly find all the rolled up bits in the washer when he fails to check his pockets. #Ifeelyourpain!


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