Sunday, March 5, 2017

sol17 #5: you're teacher-voicing me!

My husband and I were on our way home from Indiana last night and we swooped through a drive-thru to grab a snack. I have many pet peeves, but one thing I despise most is when you don't get napkins in a take-out bag.

Pulling away from the drive-thru window, I ask Jim to check the bag for napkins. None. Usually we keep some in the glovebox, but our stash was depleted. 

Fearing a greasy steering wheel, I turn to Jim and say sternly, "I just don't get how that's not a routine thing - to put napkins in a take-out bag!"

His immediate reaction, "You're teacher-voicing me!" 

Whoops... didn't mean to teacher voice my innocent husband. 

By the way, Jim let me use his sleeve as a napkin on the way home. #superherohusband


  1. Ha! My husband hates it when I teacher-voice him too. I try not to do it very often, but sometimes, it just happens. I can completely relate to this story.

  2. HA! My sister & I are both teachers and we call each other out when we use the teacher voice on eaach other. We let it go on other people.

  3. Gosh, I teacher voice all the time. Phil gets pretty mad about it, but then I come back with him using his customer service voice on me. I think it's just hard to shut it off! Great post!

  4. Oh, I teacher voice everyone! My cousins make fun of me all the time. It's a hard habit to break!!

  5. My husband appreciates my teacher voice until I use it on him :-)

  6. Teacher-voicing me! ha! my family has given me similar comments!
    and what a good hubby to offer his sleeve!


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