Wednesday, March 8, 2017

sol17 #8: and the reading ribbon goes to...

At the end of each reading group, I write a positive statement on a strip of construction paper and award it to a student. This statement comes from an observation I made during our 30 minute session, so it is specific to that student. I read aloud the statement, we all clap, and the strip of paper is stapled into a bracelet that the student can wear on his/her wrist. Pretty simple, and we (not so) cleverly named it the reading ribbon :)

After a few weeks of handing out the reading ribbons, one of my little second graders asked if I had a blank one. While I was writing one out to a student, she was thoughtfully writing one out to me! It was adorable and totally made my day.


  1. You ARE an excellent reader! I love this slice!

  2. Yes, what Jennie said! Next time I see you, I'm giving you a reading ribbon!
    So sweet!

  3. What a great idea - such a boost for the kiddos!


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