Thursday, March 2, 2017

SOL17 #2: time of your life

This morning on my way to work, Green Day's "Time of your Life" came on (which, by the way, I actually found out is NOT called Time of your Life, but Good Riddance - I'm terrible with song names).

Anyway, this song reminds me of my 8th grade dance. It was the last song that the DJ played, and as the lights came on in the gym, everyone was crying and hugging like we would never see each other again. Typical 8th grade drama since we'd all be back at school the following Monday!

I love how songs can instantly bring you back to certain memories in your life. :)


  1. Music plays such a role in my memories. I love how it can move you through space, back to that long ago day, for that small moment in time. It's amazing to me that song, more than most other things, can do that for me. Music is my calming, my remembering, and my heart. I loved reading your slice today!

  2. I flashed back to my own 8th grade dance, and the terrible pink dress that I just had to have. Thanks for bringing me back...


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